Shaving Tips.


I’m 20F and I’ve never shaved anywhere in my life, and now I want to… but I don’t know how much to shave, or where, or how. Help??

No big! Shaving can be a little overwhelming at first, when you realize just how much hair you have. What you shave and how much you shave is really up to you. The big three, I think, are your 1) Legs 2) Pubic hair 3) Underarms. These are the places that I shave (or wax) and you’ll often see others who choose to shave do the same.

Your leg hair can be the most time consuming because there is such a great big spanse of it. Many people choose just to shave the area of their legs that are visible when wearing clothing. For some that might be just to the knee, for others it might be all the way up to the thigh. I typically shave just to my knee – as the hair that is above my knee is much lighter than the hair below my knee. You can’t really tell it’s there. Up to you. The pubic hair may be equally as time consuming, but because the skin is more sensitive and there is more to shave around. Some women just shave the edges – what can be seen when wearing underwear. Others just trim. Some shave everything. Some even shave in the taint area (in between the ass and vagina) or the actual hair that grows in your crack. Some people have more hair than others. You can choose to shave whichever parts you want to, here. Underarms are pretty self explanatory.

I recommend getting a nice razor that has a couple of blades. I’ve tried a few and I really like Gillette. I’ve tried mens and womens razors and prefer the shockingly pink and marketed towards woman version. It always glides a little smoother. It’s good to shave with a razor that is fairly sharp. Not too sharp, but definitely not too dull either. If it is too dull it will pull the hair rather than cut it. If it’s too sharp you may cut yourself. Shave in areas that you are less prone to cutting yourself (your legs, maybe) prior to shaving more delicate areas. Replace blades as needed.

A shaving cream choice is up to you. I like the ones with aloe in them, or ones that smell like raspberry. It’s good to reapply your shaving cream as necessary to prevent dry shaving, which can cause ingrown hairs.

Ingrown hairs are little red bumps that may form after shaving. The more you shave and become used to shaving, the less likely it is that you’ll have these bumps. Exfoliating (using a scrub on your skin a few times a week or rubbing a washcloth with soap over your skin) can help prevent ingrown hairs. Using a moisturizer can keep your skin happy.

The actual process of shaving that I use is: Shave downwards in the direction the hair grows. Clean your razor often to prevent clogging the blades. Once you’ve shaved everywhere downwards, reapply more cream and shave upwards at a diagonal. A fair bit of pressure usually helps, as does pulling the skin taut. I find shaving diagonally prevents cutting and snagging more than shaving directly upwards. Hair grows fast, and you cant get everything with a blade. You’ll likely see stubble the day after shaving. It’s best to wait a day or more in-between shaves if you can to prevent irritation and to allow some of the hair to grow back so you have something to shave. Make sure to go slowly when shaving over the knee and around your ankles – tricky areas. It’s also important to move your lips out of the way when shaving your pubic hair so you don’t snag them. Ouch. If you’re shaving the taint or the hair in your crack, good luck.

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