Top 100 Sex Bloggers


Hello, lovely readers. I mentioned several posts back that Rori of Between My Sheets was doing her Top 100 Sex Bloggers list again this year. I was lucky enough to have been listed on the list for the past two years, last year snagging the 11th spot. Nominations close in a week, so if you haven’t gone by yet, please do so to check out the list. Leave a comment with your nominations and check out the list to find some new fantastic reads.

These people are doing something truly phenomenal. They are writing openly and honestly about sexuality (in a variety of forms) and keeping the blogging platform alive for people to share their voice. There aren’t many (or any) sex blogs included in other top blog lists, so this is a great way to help support and build the community.

Another list popped up today, thanks to perverticallyvirtuous for the heads up and the nomination. You can now nominate for a separate list on Kinkly. Nominations for this site are open until October 7th and include a different variety of sites. Check them out, and send some loving their way!

What do you think?

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