One Goal Per Month


January: Run 1 mi every day  

I’ve been running fairly regularly for the last couple months and it’s felt awesome. I thought an easy way to get myself to run more frequently during these colder days would be to limit myself to at least a mile per day. When I woke up on the first I almost swapped January and February’s goals because it was so cold but once I got out there running I realized it would likely only get colder as Winter goes on. If you’re not a runner, an alternate goal could be going on a walk every day. You could even bring a camera and snap photos along the way.

February: Drink 4 bottles of water every day

I’m known for being perpetually dehydrated, which is silly, considering I know the benefits of water to the body and the brain. I always feel much more cognizant when I’m well-hydrated. I’ve already been carrying around a bottle of water with me but now I’m going to try to make drinking several of them per day a routine.

March: Read the news every morning

Most days I read the news in the morning, but I scan through to the articles that interest me the most, and end up avoiding important news stories that I should be reading. I want to make it a goal to read the news throughly every morning, catching up on important news stories, and becoming more well-informed about whats going on in the world. Work in progress.

April: No internet before 10am

This would exclude using my iPad to read the news. The first thing I do in the morning is check in with my friends. There is rarely anything so important that it needs my attention before ten in the morning. I want to practice waking up more mindfully, which will be helped by removing those connections from my routine.

May: Write in my journal every day

This is something I almost always do already but I want to focus on detailing what goes on in my life. Often times I only write when something has happened or when I’m feeling a particularly strong emotion. My favorite journal entries to look back on are the ones that showed me what life was like at a particular point in time. Who I was friends with, what I did throughout the day, what music and movies I was into, that kind of thing. I’d also like to focus on the tone I use when I write.

June: One friend date per week

One of my biggest goals for the new year is to keep up my friendships a little better, and to develop friendships with people that I have things in common with. I chose June for this habit because it’s just starting to warm up in Portland and there will be lots of opportunities for things to do outside. I want to commit to going out with one friend per week and doing something meaningful (hiking, going to take photos, going out to eat, making a meal, playing a game, etc) with them.

July: Make fresh-pressed juice every morning

This is going to take a lot of practice and will probably be a gigantic hassle but I think it will be incredibly beneficial. I chose to put this goal in July because produce will be cheaper and the weather will be warmer so I will be more likely to want to drink juice in the morning. I’ll have to plan ahead by buying produce and cleaning the juicer every night. This goal will probably keep me on top of the dishes and eating healthy fresh food.

August: Go on an evening walk every night

I love going on walks at night, especially in August. You can stroll hand in hand while the sun sets, and the weather is still warm enough that you only need a light sweater. Bonus points if you stop by for gelato, frozen yogurt, or a cup of tea mid-walk. I’m a creature of habit and usually walk in the same places. I think this August I’ll find some new places to walk, explore some new streets, and maybe (like above) take my camera and shoot some photos along the way.

September: Read one book per week

It’s my goal this year to read 100 books – again. That means I’ll be reading a lot of books before September hits, but by September, I’ll probably have some catching up to do. Just for this month I want to make sure I stick to the one-book-per-week rule. Technically I need to read about two books per week all year to hit the goal, but I know it’s not a very reasonable goal for me to keep.

October: No junk food diet

For October I’m going to cut junk food out of my diet. That means no dessert, no pizza, no burgers, no wings, no bar food in general. I’ll have to order healthier dishes when I go out to eat. There are a lot of options in Portland. Salad bowls, rice bowls, soups and sandwiches, all things that I really like to eat. This goal shouldn’t be too hard but I think I underestimate how much I love eating something small for dessert. Halloween is excluded from this goal as one should not completely deprive themselves.

November: Read before bed every night

I have this horrible problem. Whenever I get horizontal I fall asleep immediately. It’s as though there is a little vile of sleeping potion standing upright in my head that tips over and spills out into my brain whenever I rest. Worse problems, but poor for reading in bed. I think I’m going to have to invest in some sturdier pillows or perhaps a boyfriend pillow if I’m going to hold true to this one. I absolutely love reading before bed for an hour or so. I’m looking forward to this one.

December: Meditate every morning

I don’t really know what this means yet. I suspect for me it will mean sitting in bed or getting up and sitting in my chair and just practicing breathing. I’ll try to focus on clearing my head and getting engaged and ready for the day. The biggest challenge will be sitting still and being mindful for a period of time.


I’m hoping that choosing one goal per month will help me manage the things I want to do a little better. I’m also hoping that these goals build on one another over time and by the end of the year I’m doing a lot of these things more frequently and with greater ease. Feel free to steal the list or make your own based on mine. Remember that most things happen in small increments over time and that taking on too much all at once can be detrimental towards keeping your goals. Don’t forget it’s important to reward yourself and give yourself treats. Complete deprivation isn’t the answer towards achieving your goals and it’s not really any way to live, either. Hope you all had a great New Years!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. that’s not a bad idea, just one goal, practicing and focusing so hopefully it becomes a habit. I like your goals


  2. meggsy1 says:

    Every time I have set a goal or make a resolution in my private life – I fail. Good luck to those who make the grade and succeed. Am I dissapointed yes – does it depress me – NO..


  3. Nathan Jones says:

    Just have to turn routine into habit and your there


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