Question: Lollipop Sidekicks

Question: Do all guys like you to play with their balls while you’re giving oral? My ex loved it, but sometimes their reaction leads me to believe I’m wasting my time. Same with putting the balls in my mouth. Is it fair to say that “most” guys like this?


If I had to guess, I would say there is a pretty wide range between men who enjoy their balls being played with and men who don’t.

Some men have bad experiences with ball-fondling and are hesitant to try it again. They’re sensitive down there, do you blame ’em? Some men are ticklish or find the actual stimulation itself not super arousing. Different strokes for different folks. Some men find the balls to be a super-sensitive erogenous zone, and get a lot of sexual stimulation from having them touched.

What is his reaction? He could be wary of you heading down there if he’s not used to a woman doing that to him. Maybe he’s not sure what you’re doing!

Is he not making any reaction at all? Maybe he is all worked up in a fuss because it feels so good! Not everyone reacts to pleasure in the same way.

The best thing to do would be to ask him straight out. Hey, do you like your balls being played with, I never asked! 

While some might consider ball groping to be a standard act, I’d put it on my yellow list. Things that are probably safe, but wouldn’t hurt from a “do you mind?” prior to engaging.

I’m never sure which way my readership will be biased, but I’ve thrown up a new poll on my sidebar. I’ve worded it towards the testicular-ly inclined but answer for your partner if you so desire.


Yes – love it! 68% 

Never tried it 29%

It’s okay! 23%

No – not for me! 0% 

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  1. meggsy1Megan says:

    All three of our guys love to have their balls gently fondled during oral. None enjoy having us take them into our mouths and we dont really find there is any pleasure in it even though they shave them. I have taken one ball in when his sac is soft and pliable but even then neither of us really found it raised the level of our sex play pleasure.
    One of my Gf is a nurse and can do prostate stimulation and they love that.


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