Sexual Assault Awareness Month


My university has sent out an email regarding sexual assault awareness month:

“Portland State University is combating the issue of sexual violence on college campuses. In order to raise awareness about this issue, PSU has launched a mandatory training module designed to educate students and staff on PSU’s policies regarding gender discrimination, sexual harassment and assault, sexual misconduct, and dating and domestic violence. The module is also designed to educate students about their rights and responsibilities as members of the campus community, as well as inform them on the multitude of resources available to students who have been impacted by sexual violence or gender discrimination.”

In the module there is a list of vocabulary words gone over. I thought the list was very interesting and so I typed it up to share. I feel like there are a lot of words people wouldn’t necessarily know. In University we learn the power of words and how we must consider the definition of the word given the time and place we’re in. An example of that would be how assault laws change over time and how certain things that used to not be considered assault are now considered assault. (Coercing your wife/husband into intercourse, for instance.) Understanding the language, in this case, can help understand the crime committed.

abusive sexual advantage, accused, accuser, advocate, anonymous report, at fault, both parties, broke up, clergy, coerced, consent, contact, copulation, disciplinary hearing, engaging in voyeurism, episodic, evaluate, excess, excluding from participation, explicitly, favors, hostile, impairment, implicitly, implies, incident, inducing incapacitation, intentional sexual touching, intervene, intoxicated, institution of termination procedures, mental incapacitation, misconceptions, no contact order, non-consentual sexual contact, non-coerced, penetration, preponderance of evidence, private parts, protected class, protected complaint, repeatedly, resident halls, retaliate against, sanctions, severe persistent or pervasive, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, slight, stalking, submission, survivors, takes advantage, targeted person, third party, unwelcome, urges, without a legitimate purpose.

What do you think?

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