Date Nights: Ikea


As I wore my pink, and he wore his blue, I said in that sarcastic voice: isn’t this some return to heteronormativity?


2 laundry baskets (in matching wicker)

1 Popsicle maker (in pink lemonade colors)

1 glass jar for oats (for post-run meals)

6 organizers for underwear (based on style and occasion)

4 lint roller refills (for wearing nice clothes)

1 suction cup soap ledge (so he smells like man-soap, and I don’t)

1 clock

(because its time.)

Do you have any fun date night rituals?

I love going to ikea. I love wandering the meticulously put together fake rooms. The shiny brand-new never-used kitchens. I like fantasizing about couches and futons, beds and pillows, giant wall-sized prints and mirrors of epic size. I like sitting in swivel chairs and spinning around. I like sitting in lounge chairs and staring up at the silver twisty-turny pipes of that warehouse turned make-believe. And, I like that post-ikea cinnamon roll. That unnecessary reward for saving 50% on home goods.



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  1. LaNeshe ( says:

    I like Ikea trips too. Hubs doesn’t really like going in stores, but he’s always down for a trip to Ikea…which is always a real trip, because it feels like once you’re in you can’t leave until you make your way through the whole store lol.


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