Weekly Check In: Big Moves, School News, Portland?

As mentioned in a previous writing, I’m extending my college education another three terms, so I can double major. The double major includes a practicum, which I’m really excited about. It’s a fantastic word and goes great with Tillikum. I’m working on a rap. I’m also excited about the experience of a practicum. It’s not something that was required for my Psychology degree. I have found the Women’s Studies department to be absolutely wonderful, friendly, and accommodating to the experiences I want to have in school.

Practicum; a practical section of a course of study.

Essentially a practicum is a period of volunteering (about 120 hours) with a local organization of your choice. I was daydreaming about SheBop, In Other Words, and Planned Parenthood Advocates. Since the work should help me focus on what I want to do after graduation it would be important for me to look around town and really get a good idea of all the places I could work with. That includes women’s shelters, places that provide help for women in need of physical or mental health, queer resource centers, and more. I’m going to really take my time and look at my options because I want to put a lot of time and effort into the work I do and I want to be able to make those connections into lasting ones. Exciting, right?

As might have been assumed from my post about ikea, the boyfriend and I moved in together! With him as my partner in crime, I’m hoping to do a series of posts every now and then on living together. I think it would be fun to highlight the little oddities of co-habitation. I am exceptionally happy and I’m looking forward to seeing what the rest of this year brings me. When things are good, they’re good. When they’re great, they’re great. There’s not much else aside from that these days.

Portland is in that weird transitional phase of Spring where my allergies are somewhere along the lines of “Is this the flu or pollen?” We’ll have a week of 60-70 degree weather followed by a lull of clouds, rain, and wind. My friends on the east and midwest tell me that our weather is predictable and relatively stable compared to theirs. I suppose that much is true. I’ve been playing more games lately (does anyone play pandemic?!) and reading more books (and the new yorker, again!) and drinking more beer (all the spring IPAs!) I’m also planning camping trips, and crossing my fingers and toes for a longer, warmer, beach-trip for the summer. Does anyone know how to do Hawaii on the cheap? Inquiring minds want to know.

Since there’s all this moving going on I’ve also been going through all my notebooks. I keep basically every piece of paper that I write on (dating back to, y’know, elementary school) which equates to a closet full of notebooks. I figured it was time to go through that and weed out things that didn’t really matter anymore (a notebook full of algebra?) and keep what did matter (notes from middle school, ye olden days of flirting.) I found more than a few goodies in the process.

Whats new with you? 



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  1. Stuff from middle and high school is priceless, unless it consists of math notes. You will get back into semi-domestication, being together 24/7, which of course means more experimentation in the kitchen, as well as other parts of the house. 🙂


    1. ST says:

      Making some fresh baked bagels as we speak! I do love my baking, helps to have someone around to share with 😉


  2. jr cline says:

    I have a few things from my elementary school years. I’ve packed them away in anticipation of moving.


  3. gradumacated says:

    Kauai is pretty awesome – it’s where my wife and I honeymooned in October 2010.

    There’s a range of travelodges called “Sealodge” that are really reasonably priced, right on the shore front. A little different from the Oahu experience, and much cheaper.

    Just my two cents 🙂


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