Submit Now: Questions about Sex, Love, Monogamy, Non-Monogamy, Gender & More!

My queue is empty which means its a great time to submit your questions. Haven’t asked before? It’s easy. Submit at the top anytime by clicking ask advice and your question will get answered on my blog.

– Ask for third party relationship advice

– Ask for help with a puzzling sex question

– Learn more about ethical non monogamy

– Get deep and dirty into some kinky sexuality

– Break down gender and gender norms

– Ask life/college/psychology/mental health questions

You can also submit prompts (“write about this subject”) or submit articles/current events you’d like to hear more about. For more information on questions I might be able to help you answer, visit my about page. I’m also available to help you find resources you’re looking for to get more help or other perspectives.

You can click at the top to ask or you can submit in the box below, provided for easy access. Thanks for supporting my writing and, remember, “don’t not know”. 

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