QOTD: Female Sexuality


“Female sexuality has always been conceptualized on the basis of masculine parameters.”

Luce Irigaray

This is the first sentence to a reading I’m doing right now. This excerpt is from This Sex Which Is Not One. It hit me like a punch in the gut when I read it so I wanted to share it. It asks so many questions. Do we really conceptualize female sexuality based on a male parameter? Why do we do that? What would it look like if we didn’t?

One question of interest for me lately is this: how frequently is sexuality taught in ways that benefit men or simply use masculine language? When we talk about the male orgasm and ejaculation do we equally reference the female orgasm and female pleasure? What messages are kids getting about sex and do those messages foster respect regardless of gender identity?

Let me know what you think.

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  1. Megan says:

    Men are most likely to be on top – the dominant position.
    Should he climax first as is the most frequent case – the female is left hanging and that is that.Of course we have to be subordinant and submissive. Our mothers told us that. Fortunately we are rising above it. Unfortunately many women are going too far the other way and the balance has yet to be achieved.

    As for kids I believe there is not as much empahsis on the male/female relationship as on there is on the individual male or female relationships (gay/lesbien). I still see women treated as cum buckets – thats disrespect. . The emphasis is now on the same sex orientation as being desirable. Is this a fashionable phase or will people wake up and realise we are both different and made to cohabit. Just look at our sex organs. Its no good having a open ended spanner without a nut to tighten. That is a strange analagy but think about it. Are we all going to be spanners or nuts?

    Fortunately I am bisexual and enjoy the best of both worlds. Never could I be one way or the other now.


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