a sex blogger- (?)

I’ve written off and on during the past year about the direction of my blog. What I want it to become, what it’s turning in to. Part of my studies this year have had to do with the intersections of our identities. I wrote a lot about race and gender, sex and sexuality, class and oppression.

What it made me realize is that there is too much separation between [sex] and [everything else].

I decided the first step for my blog is declaring somewhat quietly and with little fanfare that this is not a sex blog anymore. I think I’ve known this for some time. If you look at my supposed peers, you won’t see too much in common. Where they focus on the delights of erotica, sex toy review, or personal reflection on actual matters of sex, I flop all over the place like an attention deficit trout.


This isn’t a sex blog, this is a life blog. 

Because, truly, sex is a part of life. So are all the other things I write about: love, relationships, heartbreak, education, motivation, encouragement, sadness, happiness, health, psychology. Somewhere along the way we’ve removed sex from what it means to be a human being and sequestered it off to the side. In other words, I’m somehow not considered a lifestyle blogger, because I choose to write about sex every now and then. Because sex isn’t family friendly, even though that’s how families are made. I don’t care, I’m claiming it for myself anyways.

People want to cover their ears and pretend that the one thing we don’t all have in common is that we’re naked sometimes.

I don’t just want to make that shift (which has already clearly happened) for just those reasons. I want to make that shift because I feel like calling myself a sex blogger has been a self-imposed block on what this site can become.


I feel like a large portion of my readers are other sex bloggers. The community is vast and supportive. But in writing, I want to connect to more than just those other people out there who believe in being open. I want to connect to the people who are afraid of being open, or have only just begun to be open to themselves.

This doesn’t mean I’m going to be writing about anything differently. All my writing will probably stay precisely the same. It’s just me, and how i feel about those intersections between [sex] and [everything else] that will change.

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  1. LaNeshe (Nesheaholic.com) says:

    It’s always been a pleasure following your blog. Looking forward to what’s to come!


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