Weekly Catchup: Cohabitation, Writing, Researching, and Friends!


I got a couple questions in my latest batch regarding me and whats going on in my life so I thought I’d do another little update post. I’ve been meaning to do these more regularly but it’s difficult to pin down exactly what I want to share and what isn’t worth sharing.

Jason and I have officially settled in. The first month or two after he moved in, all of our weekends were dedicated to chores. Unpacking boxes, arranging closets, organizing drawers, and cleaning things. Now our weekends our ours again. They’ve been notably filled with evenings of Doctor Who, homemade ice cream sundaes, walks through the park to our favorite bench, and couch time with legs entangled reading whatever books we’ve decided to stuff our faces in. It will be nine months this week. I’m happy, but it’s not really necessary to say it anymore. Most people can just tell.

Here are some photos from our place. We’re really excited to move next year – probably – once we find the right place. And… perhaps, the right city? There are options, when it’s time.






I’ve been applying for volunteer opportunities around town, both for my general growth and experience, and for my practicum. Earlier this year I decided to double major which means I’ve really expanded my opportunities for where I can go and what I can do. I’ve been incredibly impressed by the professors in the Women’s Studies Department. Psychology has my heart, but oh boy, I should have done this a while ago. It’s also meant learning a lot more about theory and discovering the importance of women’s voice. That has influenced my writing a lot, which would not have happened unless I had done this. Things just work out sometimes.

My fingers are stained with ink from my new fountain pen. (For the interested: [link]) I’ve been writing pen pals like crazy the past few weeks. I find that if I take a second and think about what I really want to say to people it flows out. I think it will get even easier with time. I’ve found that the more often I close my laptop and write on paper, the better writing I do. It’s too easy to be distracted by the endless number of connections you can make on the internet. When it’s shut, all that’s left is what is in your head.

Yesterday I got to walk down to one of my favorite coffee shops with my bestie and sit in the sunshine with a big mug. We talked about big things and little things and nonsense and laughed about things that probably won’t make sense in a few days. Thats what I want the rest of the summer to be like. Fleeting moments that build lasting memories. Sapster out.

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  1. roxics says:

    Wait. What happened? Are you still doing the whole polyamory thing?


    1. ST says:

      Nope. I have been dating someone new. It will be a year this September.


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