Do you talk about your birth control?


When I was fifteen or so I got my first birth control prescription. A set of hormonal pills that set my cycle on cruise control for the next ten years. I was prescribed Loestrin 24 FE, a name that still rolls off my tongue even though I haven’t been taking it for the last six months.

I had gone in to get my prescription renewal and they assured me that although I would be unable to get Loestrin anymore, Junel was essentially the same thing. I looked at her like she was trying to convince me that Pepsi could actually taste just the same as Coke if I just pretended. Reluctantly, I left with my bag stuffed with hormones anyways.

While I haven’t experienced any serious negative side effects using Junel, it’s been a huge pain in the ass having to go seven days without any active pills. Previously I was taking 24 active pills, now I’m only taking 21. Though Loestrin isn’t being manufactured anymore, it looks like there is a new pill called Minastrin 24 FE that is more similar to what I used to take. My current plan of attack is to look into this brand, and see how affordable and accessible it would be to me.

I have never experienced being dissatisfied with birth control until now, even though I am only mildly discontent. It reignited the discussion of birth control for me, personally, as I considered if it might be time to look into other options. I even considered the idea of getting an IUD. Though expensive upfront (and painful, I’ve heard) the IUD can last for five years and requires no real effort on your part once its in. It’s a great option if you forget your pill – something I’ve never had any issues with.

I don’t think that you should get your birth control recommendation from the internet. As with any other medication, your doctor should advise you based on your wants, needs, and health history what the best option is for you. But educating yourself on what type of birth control you think you would like, and what you’d like your birth control to do for you, can be a big help in taking ownership of your sexuality.

Are you on any kind of birth control? Does it do what you want it to do? 

Note: I have a few questions in my queue about birth control that will be answered within the week. If you too have a question about birth control that you’d like to ask, please hit ask advice at the top and I’ll answer it on my blog.

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  1. agirlstransformation says:

    I take ortho cyclen lo. It’s a 21 day pack, but I just take them continuously to skip my period, because it’s summer and fuck that noise.
    Never had any issues with it. I’ve been on some that killed my sex drive completely though.


  2. rprkr says:

    I was on a series of different BC in high school to see what worked to regulate my period, I think trinessa, and alesse (sp?) which were both in pill form. I got really poor bouts of nausea on each, so I just stopped taking since I was just trying to regulate and wasn’t sexually active. When I was preparing to be active, I used depo provera, but on the third month I had a period that lasted twenty days and was fairly sure I was dying, haha. I switched to the Nuvaring and never went back; set it and forget it for three weeks, easy to time putting it in and taking it out, no ill effects for me; I have used it for three years now.


  3. LaNeshe ( says:

    My first foray into BC was a failed one. I got it to help with menstrual cramps and after one month it gave me the worst cramps I’d ever had, so I stopped. I wasn’t sexually active then anyway so it didn’t matter much. When I went back to get birth control to actually control birth, my OB had a chart with all the different kinds and I was just like, I need something, but not “that one” and pointed to it, and luckily orthocylclen has worked ever since, and ceased working as soon as I wanted it to.

    If anyone asks you how soon after stopping BC can they get pregnant, the answer is absolutely right away lol.


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