My Poll Results!

I got the first batch of comments from the poll I posted earlier this week. If you haven’t gotten a chance to fill it out yet, please do it before the end of the week! It’s been super helpful to me in figuring out what I will be writing about for the remainder of the month aside from whatever questions are submitted.

Fill out the poll: here!

From the responses I’ve gotten so far, you love posts about:

  1. Stuff I learn (glad to have a place to write about it!)
  2. My opinion (which is all I’ve got, so this is good!)
  3. Relationships (this one was fairly divided with half of you not really wanting or needing the advice and the other half seeming to desire more advice)
  4. General life stuff (which is pleasant because I’ve been wanting to write more about that)
  5. Women’s health (I’d also love to include more about mens health with the help of some male voices in my life, any suggestions on content you’d like to see?)
  6. Sex advice (that is, to be fair, the general point)
  7. Sexual problems (when shit gets real)
  8. Positions or mechanics of sex (useful and under-represented!)
  9. Sex Trends, Kink, Fetishes (What are weird people doing and why aren’t they weird for doing it? More, soon!)
  10. Things happening IN Portland (Given that I live here, I suppose I could try harder to care.)
  11. Pegging! (1/2 most popular subjects on my site)
  12. Edging! (2/2 most popular subjects on my site)

Have your voice heard! What do you like? What don’t you like? This is your chance to nudge the content in one direction or the other if it makes a difference to you. Answer my annual poll which also includes a bit about who YOU are!

And, if this has somehow triggered a question, submit at the top by hitting ask advice!

Thanks, love you, you’re okay, talk to you later, bye now.

What do you think?

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