What I’m Reading: Narcissism, Doodles, Roommates, Junot.



A friend of mine linked this post on abusive narcissists which was a powerful read. It’s from earlier this summer, and is well worth your time. It describes in easy to understand ways how some people manipulate within relationships.

Diving your space? This cool tool helps you determine how to split the rent with your roommates. An easy way to help avoid the drama llama when you’re shifting your living space around. The site also has tools for dividing other things of value.

Do you live in Portland and love Junot Díaz? On November 17th (my birthday, hayyyy) he’ll be speaking at Reed for free. Open to public. Doors 5:30pm.

Need confidence when you socialize? Zen habits provides some useful tips.

What has become useful to me:

1. Make sure that you are introduced quickly. Don’t wait for someone else to introduce you.

2. Be yourself or as close to yourself as you feel you could behave in front of strangers.

3. Keep in the back of your mind that these are just people and they are lucky to get to know you just as you may be lucky to get to know them.

Mr. Cupcake speaks on a Dad’s Responsibility. If you read the blog Cupcakes and Cashmere you’ll recognize Emily’s husband Geoff, who takes this opportunity to write about his hopes and fears regarding fatherhood and raising a girl. Succinct and sweet.

Wanting to explore your creative side? Draw dicks on things? Check out Pixelmator who just released a shiny new version for mac. This app is on my wishlist (both the mac and iPad version) for what appears to be real ease of use. I’ve used it in the past and would recommend it to other bloggers for editing.

What do you think?

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