Weekly Catchup: Goodbye November, you were great.


Before breaking into the joy of the last week, a brief moment of visibility for everything Ferguson, including protests in Portland where several people have been arrested.

This quote from a reading I did today is timely:

“The political problem centers on what to do with the energy that fears and traumas produce. Does the state’s discipline work? Does it terrorize everyone into silence, by dividing the “good” from the “bad,” by intensifying anxieties that lead to premature deaths due to alcoholism and drug additions (including cigarettes), heart disease, suicide, crimes of passion, and other killers of urban working and workless poor?” – Ruth Wilson Gilmore

Whether or not you have been involved in protests in your area, take the time to be sure you are involved in your own education about what is going on and why.

Onwards to the recent patches of light in my life!

November is always a crazy month. Some of my best friends have birthdays this month, I turned twenty-six, my boyfriend turned twenty-eight, and we celebrated a rush of thanksgivings with family and friends. We also went away to a hotel on the coast for a couple of nights which was the perfect kick start to our weeklong vacation.

I have this fear of living somewhere deeper in the United States – somewhere in the midwest perhaps – somewhere far enough in that I couldn’t simply drive to the coast if I wanted to. The Oregon coast is only an hour or two away from Portland and provides immediate relief from absolutely everything.

There are no real details to share about our vacation because it was, as a good vacation should be, relaxing. We read, we watched movies, we ate good food, we drank good wine, and we practiced a lot of unscheduled time.

I’m starting off December with some volunteering in the works, which is exciting. I’m also tying up all the loose ends towards my graduation (which there will surely be plenty of.) We picked up our Christmas tree on Friday and are going into full blown holiday spirit mode. I hope November was good for you, too, and that December has something to look forward to.

I’ll be putting out a gift guide post here in the next few days that will hopefully at least act as inspiration for those of you out there getting an early start on your gift giving. It should be about 50/50 sex toys and things you’d feel comfortable giving your more conservative relatives.


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  1. I would be rolling on the floor, if anyone wrote and said “My straight-laced grand-uncle wants an assortment of sex toys”.


  2. A righteous fear, being too far from the ocean. I’ve been 1-1/2hrs from the Atlantic all my life, except for a brief tour in State College PA. Couldn’t imagine being without it. Zoomy year, huh?


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