When Your Vagina is Sick: Warts


I feel terrible and have almost been suicidal due to the fact that I found out I contracted genital warts from my ex boyfriend. He was my first and surely I didn’t deserve it? In a way I think it was a warning sign to get rid of him which I did but I cant help thinking I am to blame as we should have been more careful. My sister says its nothing to worry about and a nurse once told me it will go away for good in two years, also im told most people will catch it in their lifetime but just wont know it. However ive heard horror stories about it returning later in life and even though theres been no sign for a year now I still keep checking to see if its come back and im just wondering, what are the chances of it returning. Some say you eradicate it from your body others say u always have it. Maybe its different for different people?

Genital warts are caused by HPV – a common virus. There are over 100 kinds of HPV and the kind that produce the warts are likely low-risk, meaning it’s unlikely you’re going to develop any further symptoms from it. Most people will have HPV at some point in their life, but not everyone will experience genital warts. In fact, theres no HPV test for men, and many women only find out they have HPV after getting an abnormal pap smear.

So, while you got the raw end of the deal there with an uncomfortable symptom, you’re not alone in your diagnoses. According to Planned Parenthood at least half a million people get the warts every year.

Your sister and the nurse are right in easing your concerns. The warts may go away on their own if they have not already been treated or gone away. The virus itself will likely take care of itself. It is possible that you will experience warts again in your life, but it is also possible that you just won’t have to think about it again.

While it might be helpful to think that this was a sign that your ex-boyfriend wasn’t good for you, it sounds like it was just poor luck of the draw. There is a lot of negative stigma around STIs that need not be there. Your drag of an ex had a cold and your vagina got sick. No one deserves it, but it is a part of being aware of your body, getting checked out regularly, and being open with partners about your current sexual health.

What I’d recommend now is this: get a pap smear. Not because I think you’re in some sort of danger, but because it will give you a clear mind. If the doctor already did this following the warts, move to phase two. Give yourself a hug and let the blame go. Focus on enjoying your sexuality. You’re going to get through this and you’ll have more positive experiences to look forward to.

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