It’s day two of the term and I am in processing overload. Let’s hit the highlights.

  1. I started my practicum, and it is strange and wonderful to have a ‘project’ I am working on. I am mostly overjoyed to finally have real adult meetings to attend that I know are actively contributing to creating a better world.
  2. I don’t have classes Monday or Friday which effectively gives me four day weekends every week, spare the work I have to do at home. Sweet lord.
  3. I had previously picked up a free ticket to see Angela Davis speak this month. Already stoked, I found out that Kate Bernstein is coming to speak in one of my classes. Excited giggling.

My first official class was today and after sitting for 30 minutes in a completely silent room, we discovered that our professor thought he had gotten out of having to teach the class. (Not so!) In light of my newly discovered free time, I danced down to Powells. If you haven’t been to Powells before, I’ll share with you one of my favorite experiences, that can be relived over and over again at will.

The sci-fi/horror section of Powells is adjacent to the café. As you walk up the half steps towards it, you are overwhelmed with the smell of decaying paper and fresh coffee. The bookshelves arch up over your head from every which direction. Jeff Vandermeer! Stephen King! Joe Hill! Lev Grossman! New books tossed with old books all rattling around on the same shelves just waiting for someone to touch them, open them, LOVE THEM SO HARD. That smell permeates the whole room and heaven forbid it ever changes.

Now, I promised I would talk in depth about my transgender studies class this term. Promises will be kept. Aside from the whole Kate Bernstein bit, I’ve got an entire filler post coming entitled day one, the transitioning which is going to blow your fucking mind. At least, if you’re new to the internet. Otherwise it will mostly be the black text on white screen you’ve become accustomed to.

Much love,


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