Kink 101: Snowballing


I had someone write in with the desire to know more about snowballing. It’s been a long while since I’ve written about kink, and snowballing definitely fits into that category.

What is snowballing?

Snowballing is when you ejaculate into your partners mouth and then they, holding the semen in their mouth, pass it back (or to a third party) through a kiss. That’s all it is, really. Passing semen around from mouth to mouth. If this is done enough times it can create a snowball effect, where the amount of fluid increases through saliva.

Why would someone want to do that?

A primary reason for trying snowballing might be that it sounds kinky. In the heat of the moment, things that sound kinky can increase the sexual tension of the moment, boost arousal, and totally change the vibe of the situation. If you’ve reached this headspace, things that previously seemed outlandish or disgusting might seem curiously fun.

How might you ask someone to try it with you?

The same way you would ask them to try anything else! Express a desire to try something new and explain what interests you about it. Perhaps you just want to share with your partner that its a kinky fantasy. Maybe it will be involved in a submissive role-play. Maybe you’re simply curious.

What do I think?

I feel that snowballing is sort of a shock term that is more often used in conversation than in actual sexual practice. Similar to the idea that men actually sit around in a circle and jerk off onto a cookie before eating it (soggy biscuit.) I find the interest and disinterest men have with semen to be really fascinating. Many men will confess interests in tasting their own semen in the heat of the moment, for instance, but will quickly back down once they ejaculate and lose their arousal.

To me, that is the largest problem with snowballing. To acquire semen to swap in the first place, the male partner must “finish” which often erases the desire for snowballing. In this light, snowballing might be placed in better context with threesomes or group sex, where varying levels of arousal exist in one bed between several people.

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  1. meggsy1 says:

    Snowballing is something I have done but not recently. It was part of my earlier life when sex dominated my life. I found it quite erotic but only with the person after I accepted his ejaculation. Many had never had the experience of tasting their own semen so it became “interesting” to get their reaction. It was not as objectionable as it appears to many.
    Now the instance of him going down after sex seems to be more prevalent and I do enjoy that pleasure as disgusting as it sounds.


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