The Danger of Hitachi?


I tried to get myself off by fingering myself after using my hitachi religiously. I couldn’t even get close. Did I break myself with the toy?


This is actually a fairly common question when it comes to the Hitachi, goddess of all sex toys. I believe I’ve had others write in with the same question. The hitachi provides a very specific kind of orgasm crack. For those who struggle with having orgasms or simply have a busy schedule, the hitachi can provide quick and reliable orgasms through a hard and steady stream of vibrations.

However, because the stimulation is so powerful and you pass through the stages of arousal so quickly – your orgasms don’t really get a fair chance to build up.

There can be some issues with this:

1. Your orgasm might not be as powerful as it would be if you’d drawn it out longer.

2. If you exclusively use your hitachi you will not get the chance to intimately learn what each stage of arousal feels like.

3. It may make manual stimulation (fingering, for instance) seem more difficult because it doesn’t have the same instant gratification.

I believe that the hitachi provides something useful to the sex game. It can act as a tool of release. It can also help women who have trouble orgasming learn the basics of what an orgasm feels like. The problem is that it doesn’t teach you how to achieve that orgasm for yourself. A very important part of masturbation is learning to read your own body – something that the hitachi bypasses.

Having to lay with yourself and touch yourself breaks down masturbation into more distinguishable experiences.

1. You will better learn your anatomy – where things are, and what things on your body feel best. This information can be passed down to partners or used by yourself to touch yourself more effectively.

2. You will get the opportunity to expand masturbation into a real session of self-love. Where you connect with yourself and can feel the orgasm build. It’s not a speed date, it’s about feeling the most intense physical sensations you can. Don’t shoot for a quickie, shoot for power.

3. You will feel each individual phase of arousal. From the inch of horny that provokes you to masturbate in the first place, to the flood of images, sounds, smells, and memories, to the flush and the heat and the physical responses of your body.

4. You will be able to learn how to control your orgasm based on the knowledge from number 3. When you know how close you are to an orgasm and you know how to press your own buttons, you can have better control over if you’re going to orgasm right then, or later.

5. Drawing out your orgasms (if you choose to do this) is called edging. Edging can bring about more powerful orgasms, and at times, for some, multiple-orgasms. Here you can work in some body bonus features. Kegel exercises to lengthen the time and power of your orgasm. G-spot stimulation to create a different and perhaps more powerful sensation. Lighter clitoral stimulation to draw out the build of your orgasm for a stronger release.

The hitachi gives orgasms, but like most things in life, the ones you earn tend to be better.

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  1. Jen says:

    I gotta disagree- yes, the Hitachi does make it harder to get off by other means. But the quality of orgasm? OFF. THE. RAILS. If I could find a human who could make me come like my wand does, I’d devote my life to them.

    That said… I did take a break from mine so I could re-learn to get off by other methods, and as long as I save the Hitachi for special occasions (relief of bad headaches, for instance) and otherwise stick with human contact or gentler vibrators, I seem to be able to maintain that flexibility.


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