Weekly Updates: Life, Love, and all things Graduation

I haven’t done a weekly update for over a month(!!) so I’ll backtrack a little bit and start at Valentine’s Day.

Jason crafted me a coupon for a new bookcase at Ikea, something I have been desperately in need of. I had run out of room on my main shelf and there was a bookshelf sized gap in the corner of the bedroom. Ta da, a day at Ikea ahead.

We decided to go eat dinner at Ken’s Artisan Pizza in Portland. It is quite good pizza if you’re looking for a pizza experience. We ordered a caesar salad to share, a bottle of wine to share, and two pizzas, which we devoured in expert time.

There was also some porn, so we really hit the trifecta. Ikea. Pizza. Porn. Did I mention doughnuts? There were doughnuts too.

We also got the chance to go wine tasting with a friend of ours. We hit up Argyle for my favorite champagne, and then meandered to Stoller and Dobbes. The weather was just the tip of the sun Oregon has been experiencing lately, so we got some pretty excellent views.

This last week I applied for graduation and signed up for my final college courses. I’ve said this before, oh. But this time it’s going to stick. I’ve knocked on all the wood I’ve seen for the past month.

  • Senior Seminar
  • Internship (cont.)
  • The Sex Industry
  • Gender & Body Image

I’m not sure if it’s something about Spring Term or the specific classes I chose, but my last term is going to be almost entirely online. That works for me. As I’ve mentioned to a few other people in the past few weeks, I haven’t met a single person at college. I’ve met hundreds of people since I’ve moved to Portland but not a single one of those friends has been gained and maintained through my actual classes. It is a bizarre sort of environment over there, and I can’t say I will be particularly sad to leave it.

Hope you all are well. Check in, whats up, whats new? Shoot me a comment here or follow me on twitter @suggestive.

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  1. College can be a waste, in terms of friendships made- especially in large lectures. Your spring schedule sounds fascinating. So sad how a beautiful experience like sex can still be an industry, in 2015.


    1. ST says:

      I believe that this class will highlight both the negative and positive sides of the sex industry. (Including pornography, and women who actively choose to strip or be sex workers.) But I have yet to see the syllabus 🙂


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