Schools Out: Books About Sexuality

Schools out. For the Summer. But you, intelligent human, want to further edify yourself with some saucy literature. Here are some books that will be sure to make you the hit of any happy hour chat.

Best Sex Writing of the Year $17.00

Featuring favorites Epiphora and Lux Alptraum

Oh Joy, Sex Toy Vol 1. $30.00

Necessary for those who like to exercise smile muscles.

Femalia $14.50

Your lady parts are normal, check it out!

Sex from Scratch $15.00

A book I wish I would have written! Redefining your own relationship rules for better relationship satisfaction.

Gender Outlaw $16.00

Kate Bornstein is a hero.

Slow Sex $15.00

This book is awesome. In a world of harder-faster-stronger it adjusts the conversation back to the little things.

Yes means yes! $17.00

Still relevant today, still relevant tomorrow. Always relevant. Get yourself well acquainted with female sexual power and a world without rape.

One Comment Add yours

  1. A-Ku says:

    Definitely going to be looking up some new titles for summer reading now! 🙂


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