What changes the color of semen?

Why is some guys cum clear and some white? Whats the difference?art-wall-brush-painting

Great question. Let’s go the obvious route. Semen comes out of the body, so whatever is unique about that body is going to have an influence on what the semen looks or tastes like.

Things like how old you are, how often you ejaculate, or what you eat can all have an influence on your semen. Just like female discharge, there is a scale of what is normal. A clear fluid or a white fluid, or even a slightly yellow-tinted fluid are all normal. Semen that is more prominently yellow, green, pink, red, or any other color of the rainbow means head to the doctor. Same thing with a very foul odor, or some kind of pain associated with ejaculation.

If you are ejaculating frequently it takes your body time to, lets say, replenish the semen. You eat things rich in vitamins and proteins and thats processed by the body and then comes out of the body through a variety of orifices. There is not a steady stream of thick white fluid filled with every sperm that will ever be somewhere deep within your body just waiting to be ejaculated. It’s a whole process, and so the ‘end result’ is not a unique packaged product.

By that logic, the fluid that is released when you are younger, when you are older, when you have an interesting diet, or when you’ve ejaculated seven or eight times already that day is going to look significantly different than the next guys fluid.

Semen can also vary in how much is produced, how far it shoots, how quickly he can ejaculate again, what it tastes like, and the consistency. These things may be a combination of who he is, and other various environmental factors.

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