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Ex-Pastor Says He Wasn’t Going To Set Self On Fire Over Gay Marriage

In Scarborough’s words: “I made that comment to paraphrase a spiritual song, ‘Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego,’ in which the three were given a choice — to bow to the image of Nebucahdnezzar or burn in a furnace. ‘We will burn’ means that we will accept any sanction from the government for resisting today’s Supreme Court decision. We do not support any violence or physical harm.”

On Contemporary Sports Culture: Homophobia

Women in sport, especially those competing at a high level, are assumed to be gay. Whereas there is a short list of “gay sports” for men, for women that list is relatively long: basketball, rugby, soccer, roller derby, softball, hockey, etc. The perception of women who come out becomes that they reinforce a stereotype, rather than defy one. Women coming out in this environment become non-stories.

In Defense of Pocahontas: Disney’s Most Radical Heroine

When Pocahontas was released on June 23, 1995, the criticism it received for taking historical liberties with Pocahontas’s age and relationship with Smith largely overshadowed the fact that Disney had, for the first time, based an entire picture around an adult female, let alone a woman of color. It was also the first time the studio had produced a film about a real person. The movie might have fudged some facts to allow for a compelling romantic story, but it had a progressive attitude when it came to interpreting history, depicting the English settlers as plunderers searching for non-existent gold who were intent upon murdering the “savages” they encountered in the process.

Ayn Rand: In Love, Be Selfish

“I am in love with him selfishly. It is to my own interest to help him if he needed it. I do not call that a sacrifice because I take selfish pleasure in it.”

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  1. Walker says:

    This is wonderful. I actually often finding myself defending the way that Rand uses the word “selfish”, even though I disagree with her in so many other ways.

    I.e., donating money to the poor makes me happy and gives me a feeling of self-worth, therefore donating to the poor is selfish, therefore if I behave selfishly I will be helping the poor.


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