Resolve to Be Better


Okay, it’s almost 2016. You know what that means. I want to eat better I want to lose ten pounds I want to work harder blahblahblah bullshit bullshit.

How about the stuff that really matters? Being a better person. Being a better partner. Being a better friend. Figuring out how to communicate better. Figuring out how to feel sexier. Figuring out how to be sexier. Learning how to use the right language when talking about gender and sexuality. I dunno man, you tell me. What needs improvement in your life? What’s been troubling you?

My blog = an opportunity to ask an uninvolved third party for advice.

My advice isn’t a holy beacon, the shining silver answer. It’s just an opinion. Sometimes my opinions are shitty. That’s okay. No ones perfect. I can also flex my degree (women studies! sexuality studies! queer studies! gender studies! psych studies!) and HELP YOU HELP YOURSELF. Which sometimes just means helping defining difficult concepts. Helping find resources. Yeah! Groovy.

Submit at any time by clicking “Ask Advice” on the sidebar, or submit right now, in this handy-dandy built in form. Just for you. I made this.

What do you think?

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