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the authentically pleasurable nonsense of predicting oscar nominations (new yorker)

The Oscars are, above all, a sociologist’s delight—they’re Hollywood’s idealized self-portrait, one in which commercial success is essential but not sufficient. They show what the industry thinks of as its best—or perhaps the consensus of what, in the domain of films that have a decent shot at commercial success, they want to be seen deeming the best.

st says: I absolutely love the title of this article. It is precisely why I like the Oscars so much. Joining in on the fun of the spectacle is pure, authentically pleasurable nonsense. I also enjoying seeing each year advance in terms of female representation in film (including sometimes hilariously misplaced tokenism.) Will you be watching the Oscars? Follow Slough Avenue for my picks once the official list has been announced.

sperm off switch may offer men reversible contraception (ars tech)

After the implantation, the valves’ switches can be flipped by simply pushing on them through the skin. In the off position, sperm are diverted out of the ducts and dumped back into scrotal tissue where they would theoretically be reabsorbed by the body.

st says: Baby you stay away from my valve switch, don’t you tell me you’re just tickling my scrotum.

when breath becomes air (brain pickings)

Punctuating Kalanithi’s story are vignettes of those small yet enormous moments in which destinies pivot and the elaborate universe of priorities we’ve spent a lifetime constructing combusts into stardust. In those moments, there is a violent slamming shut of chapters we had naïvely thought would go on and on, leading to Happily Ever After and yet somehow not really ending there, for the endings we imagine for ourselves aren’t really endings.

st says: I’ve heard nothing but good things about this book and am looking forward to reading it. Again, follow Slough Avenue for updates on what I’m reading and what I recommend reading.

three questions to ask when considering a vasectomy (good men project)

I had a vasectomy several years ago and found that it wasn’t a big deal when it was over. But I admit I was pretty nervous about the whole experience beforehand. I thought a great deal about why I was doing it and how it would impact me physically and emotionally.

st says: Have you had a vasectomy? Did these three reasons resonate with you?

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