Weekly Update: The Unlikely Status of Tidying Up

This week I did something I’ve been leading up to for a good ten years. I deleted my Reeder app. Reeder is an amazingly powerful tool that collects every new post from any blog or website you input into it. At the time of deletion I had about 200 sources ranging from tech blogs to friends personal blogs, fashion blogs, all the way back to kink blogs. And every morning I would wake up and a little alarm would go off saying “MAKE THE NUMBER ZERO LORELEI.” Not literally, but it did buzz at me and, among other tasks, prompt me to clear the list.

If I did clear the list three times a day, I could keep it pretty close to zero. But if I skipped one day or forgot about it for more than a day the number would quickly build to over 5,000 unread articles. It wasn’t until a few days ago that I realized this wasn’t bringing me any joy. Not only that, but a lot of the articles were duplicates if something big was happening in the news. How many times do I want to read about David Bowie’s death today? 450? Who is going to give me the most insightful eulogy? I’ll pass.

I’d scan through the posts looking for something to spark my interest, but it was always the same two or three websites that made me stop. Then I thought, why don’t I just visit those blogs every so often to experience that good feeling? Why do I wait for them to pop up in my Reeder? Why do I swim through all this other bullshit to get to them? The same feelings arise from email newsletters. I’m not going to read your pushed posts in my email (I know many people do read my blog or other blogs this way, and if that works for you, awesome!) But when it’s in my email inbox it feels like a job I have to do. One unread post. And I’m going to notice it all day in the midst of my other important emails. And, honestly, I’m probably going to delete it if I know I can’t read it right then.

I’ve been reading Marie Kondo’s books the past few weeks and have become a Kondo-zombie. If you’re not familiar, she’s the woman who has written the books about how tidying is a magic process and you should throw away things that don’t spark joy. For a normal person, this book might sound a little cray-cray. But I read this and felt so completely at peace finally getting rid of things I’d hung on to for years, and years, and years. If you’re like me and feel personal and emotional connections to inanimate objects, this will help you get rid of all that shit and realize whats important. I’m even… I’m even becoming okay with the thought of purging a few of my books. The ones I look at and think “who even gave this to me? I don’t even like this kind of thing.” So now I have to figure out how to absorb this new knowledge about myself. Remember how it felt when your bones grew?

This whole process of purging made me curious how you read my blog. If you wouldn’t mind, please take this quick little poll!

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  1. The whole pushed post thing is why I DON’T link my blog posts to e-mail. At least my Facebook friends can ignore the posts, if they are so inclined. Yes, e-mail feels like a job.


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