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puppy play and growing BDSM subculture

The relationship between a pup and his handler is not dissimilar to that between natural-born canines and their guardians. “You are trying to grasp the positive elements of the archetype of the dog; the loyal companion, “said David.

st says: Puppy play has been getting a lot of press lately. If you’re not already familiar, give this article a read.

the power of cautionary questions, gaiman on bradbury

What speculative fiction is really good at is not the future, but the present. Taking an aspect of it that troubles or is dangerous, and extending and extrapolating that aspect into something that allows the people of that time to see what they are doing from a different angle and from a different place.

st says: unffff.

I’m beautiful when I’m angry

She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry discusses the first formations of the women’s lib movement in 1966-1971. The women — who were the catalysts for change — reflect on their inspiration and impact. What shocked me the most was the reminder that I was now the age of most of the female activists at the time. Passionate, young twenty-year-olds filled the screen. They halted Congressional hearings, provided abortions, picketed on the steps of the White House, and wrote manifestos, all for the sake of women’s rights.

st says: A co-worker just told me about this documentary earlier this week, and now I’m seeing it everywhere. Sounds like a night with Netflix is in order.

talking about male rape

When you’re encountering denial, impatience, dismissal, contempt – which of course is something common to victims of both sexes – or when there is not even a vocabulary with which to describe the events to oneself, much less to others, the difficulties are increased exponentially.

st says: An interesting interview about a new book, with some tricky discussion about male rape.

why you will marry the wrong person

Compatibility is an achievement of love; it must not be its precondition.

st says: Everyone has been sending me this article and I love it. Say I Do and read it.

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