The Female Squirt Gun: Or, The New Hit Lawn Game for Summer 2016


What are your thoughts and feelings about squirting/female ejaculation? real or myth, something the porn industry has mainstreamed? I ask this because I recently had a very intense orgasm with lots of fluid, which made me wonder about this topic. Thanks!

Female ejaculation is undeniably real and it’s always super bizarre to me that people say it’s not real. What is often contested is what it is, why we do it, how we do it, and if everyone can do it. Though they are doing some research on female ejaculation there still seems to be a general air of confusion over all of those questions. A more recent study from 2015 claimed that there were two kinds of female ejaculation. Some where women emit some urine, and some where women also emit a prostatic-specific antigen (PSA), from the equivalent of the prostate gland. Like most studies about female sexuality, I’ve never felt entirely satisfied with the results. They always feel a little forced and inconclusive. I do think that the porn industry has mainstreamed squirting in a way that is positive for women who, previously, may have felt embarrassed about the experience.

I’d love to know more about your experience if you’d like to share it with my readers! Did the FE happen after g-spot stimulation? Clitoral stimulation? Did your orgasm feel different? Do you feel that you could replicate the experience? Other readers who have squirted, send me your stories. Is this something that happens regularly and how does it impact your sex life? Let me know in the box below and I’ll share it on my site!

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Have a question about sex or love? Submit at and I’ll answer it on my blog.

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