Good Reads Cheat Sheet

instagram pushes anti-harassment

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom today announced that the company is “taking the next step” to protect its users from online abuse with the wide launch of a new comment moderation feature in the photography-focused social network app. Referred to as a “keyword moderation tool,” the feature will let each user type in words they find to be offensive, effectively hiding any mention of them in the comment section of their posts.

when does friendship become an affair?

You don’t sign a letter “Totally In Over My Head” unless you’re totally in over your head.

a widow and a widower

On that bench by Lake Champlain, “I realized that I was having this indescribable feeling that I was falling in love,” Dr. Beecham said. “I will never forget it, that ineffable feeling, if ineffable means being unable to put into words what you feel so strongly.”

the lasting impact of mispronouncing students names

Names holds ancestral and historical significance for many minority, immigrant and English learning students. Names bring stories, which students are often forced to adapt to an “Americanized” context.

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