Weekly Update: Business Cards, Marketing, Education


If you have a blog you should have a business card. At least, if you care that anyone reads it. Long gone the days when someone would ask “what’s your blog?” and I have to pull out a piece of scratch paper from my purse.

These cards are interactive. And they fit in a wallet. So they’re at least 12% better than your standard business card.

I was listening to the latest Dear Sugar Radio and it was all about guiding yourself. If you want to do something or be something, you just take measured steps in that general direction. These cards are my measured step. They set the stage for what I want my blog to be about: education and narrative. They also mark the first time that I have ever marketed my blog in the over ten years I’ve been writing.

Everyone pour some champagne out for the homie I used to be. Clink.


Other updates:

  1. Our kitten is incredible. She is just over four months old and losing her baby teeth, which I’m finding on the couch, and taping into her cat book. Like a lunatic.
  2. J and I are reading through a book called 1001 questions to ask before you get married. Presumably I’ll write more about this soon.
  3. It’s fall and I couldn’t be more enthused about it if I was wearing an actual pumpkin as a hat.

What do you think?

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