Good Reads Cheat Sheet


mens bathrooms should have baby changing stations

Right now, while many public women’s restrooms have baby changing stations installed in them, many men’s rooms do not — so many, in fact, that it sometimes feels like a conspiracy of the patriarchy to ensure that men never have to change diapers.

a pediatricians view of paid parental leave

There’s very strong evidence that family leave decreases maternal depression. This is key, because maternal depression prevents mother-infant bonding and has negative effects on a child’s cognitive, social and emotional development. This is true for fathers, too. When fathers take some time from work around the time the child is born they’re more likely to spend time with their children in the months following.

woman raising her cats as gender neutral

A woman has made the decision to raise her gats as gender-neutral to practice the correct use of pronouns in real life scenarios.

modern family casts trans actor

Wednesday night’s new episode featured the 8-year-old trans actor Jackson Millarker playing a trans character, a first for the show and—in the casting of a trans child actor—reportedly a first for network television in general.

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