The mons pubis, otherwise known as “the part on the top” or “right here” or “where the hair is.” img_9644It is also sometimes called the mon and sometimes the mons veneris, literally meaning the mountain of Venus. Venus like the goddess of love. Golf clap. The mons is a mass of fatty tissue that you may have fist-bumped after your last sexual encounter for providing you a little bit of cushion. Before puberty the mons is generally pretty flat and totally hairless. During puberty it grows cushion and begins growing hair. After menopause you may lose some of this cushion and the hair likely begins to grey. Downwards from the mons extends two folds of skin known better as the labia majora, or the outer lips.

Not so fun fact: Monsplasty had a boost of attention in recent years. The monsplasty reduces the fatty area and lifts it to make it cosmetically pleasing to some unknown cosmic overlord.

Join me this year and into 2017 as I discuss bodies, break into critical discussion on gender, and explore intersectionality (how different parts of us criss-cross and make us so beautifully unique.) Now is the time to fight back against ignorance with knowledge and critical thinking. Submit topics for discussion at


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  1. jr cline says:

    Maybe you will share more about this strange cosmic overlord of cosmetic surgery.


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