Know a Little Bit of Everything and Shut Up


I think it’s important to know a little bit about everything. I also think it’s important to not sound like a douchebag who knows everything. Strike a fine cord in-between the two by following these simple tips.

  1. Consume as much as you can, when you can. That means you should read the news. When you don’t know something, look it up quickly. It takes only a few seconds to google a movie title or a tv show or a cooking ingredient or the name of some new-fangled neo-nazi. We live in dark times, people. The gamut runs wide.
  2. Current events are especially important because they concern you. A bu bu bu. Don’t pull the whole “I don’t vote because it doesn’t matter” card. If you’re a living breathing human, politics matter to you. Whether or not you voted is between God and you. On the scale of things that matter, try to put Trump’s opinions on flag burning over Kanye West’s health. However: know that they both exist. You never know when the knowledge for such banter will come in handy.

Most importantly of all:

3.    When discussing a subject you know something about, assume the person you’re talking to knows more about it than you do. Ask them critical questions about what they think and               how feel  they feel about this subject. Spend 80% listening and 20% talking as a general rule. That gives them the opportunity to share their knowledge with you. If they don’t know anything about that subject, gauge how much they’re really interested in talking about it. If they want to know about it, give them the run down. Don’t explain it to them like they’re a fucking idiot. Explain it to them from your own, biased perspective. You are not the ruler of all pure concentrated knowledge. If they’re not interested, don’t take it as a sign that you need to bravely venture into Professor Know It All Dick Face mode for the next half an hour just because you spent twenty minutes reading the New York Times this morning.

Bonus tip: Look outside your genre. If your genre is “liberal girls who are mad about how fucked up the world is” you’re going to be reading a very small and specific segment of the news. A small but important segment of the news, but nevertheless. Read liberal news, read moderate news, read conservative news. Compare notes on all three. Fact check all of the above. Be a critical thinking and a critical reader. Miss college? Now is your chance to shine! Literally every waking moment of your life is a chance to procrastinate a better you!

Why am I writing this? Because shit is hitting the fan and spinning around us in a shit-nado. Our president-elect all-lower-case is spending a good portion of his time bitching about shit that is none of his goddamn business on social media. That’s my job and if it paid that well I would have applied for the job myself.

This is our life now and it’s happening one fucked up what is going on why is the white house making that horrible noise oh god fbbrrbbasdfzzzzzzzz

Heart strong, eyes open, keep on keepin’ on.

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  1. You have it nailed, Lorelei. Having been Mr. KIA, in my twenties, it’s refreshing to see more people who are now in their third decade take a non-pontificating approach.


  2. LaNeshe ( says:

    GOOOOD tips.


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