Blogging as Business: The Expansion Pack


Hello readers, It’s me. And I have some big news. I am in the process of making this blog a business. A small business, but a business nonetheless. In the coming weeks you will see a brand new website here. Oooh, fancy.

As a part of this expansion, I’m in the process of creating a Patreon account. A Patreon account is a way for readers to give a monthly gift to creators they support. Think of this as giving back to people who have impacted your life in some way. If you appreciate my writing, and read my blog regularly, help me expand my ability to continue doing it by contributing a small monthly gift. I’m talking small beans. As you’ll see in the survey below, it could be as little as a dollar. You tell me what it’s worth to you, and I’ll take this into consideration as a build my Patreon (Coming Soon.)

If you don’t give a monthly gift, nothing here will change for you. What you see here is going to stay here. The only thing that will change is that there may be some exclusive content that only supporters can see. It’s very important to me that my blog remains a place that is inclusive and welcoming. I will not be hosting paid for posts. My website is where my voice lives, not the voice of the top seller. That’s why your contribution to my Patreon account will be especially powerful. (I will also be working on partnerships and affiliates, but more on that later.)

Please help me make the next steps by answering these questions. Any feedback you have will help me take the next steps!

Thank you,

xx st.


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