Blogging As Business: An Update


I’m doing something I’ve never done before. I’m writing posts and editing them before I post them. It feels foreign. My usual way of things is to type posts in the editor box (which is what I’m doing now, old stomping ground) and hit publish without reading it first. I’m trying to be better.

Here are the general updates and whats whats:

  1. I’m moving my website from to which is turning out to be a giant pain in my ass. What I thought would be a simple move is now fairly convoluted. Trying to work full time, play with my cat, read my book club books, hang out with my friends, my boyfriend, and feed and shower myself on a regular basis has made this transitional process difficult. Especially considering I have no idea what I’m doing. It’s happening, and my estimated launch is sometime before the end of March. If I’m being realistic.
  2. In conjunction with this, I’ll be launching a Patreon account. That comes first. I’ll have special, patron-only content. Thrilling. Following that will be a short podcast launch (10 min, microcasts) and an online store. You’ll be able to buy fun things with feminist, sex-positive imagery on them. I’ll be looking for new partners in terms of affiliation, advertisements, book reviews, and more, so if you have some tips, send them my way.
  3. The plans I had intended for my blog (re: themed posts, more frequent posting, more educational posting) is all still in the mix, but has been delayed until the new website goes live. I’d rather focus on getting that going and making the content readable than dumping blogs on here haphazardly. You can catch up with me on twitter @suggestive in the mean time.

So, we’re in the upside down. It’s not quite a hiatus, but it is a bit of a holding pattern.


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