Suggestivetongue: A language spoken evocatively.

Hi, I’m Lorelei. You can call me Lorelei. Or Lo. Or Suggestive. Whichever makes you feel most comfortable. I use she/her pronouns. I am 28. Like most twenty-somethings I spend most of my time figuring out who I am.

I graduated in the Spring of 2015 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Women’s Studies and minors in Gender/Sex/Queer Studies and Psychology. This blog is a result of my continued studies primarily related to life love, gender, and sexuality. All opinions are my own, as any good opinion should be.

Before I tell you more about the blog, let me tell you a little more about myself. I communicate best in the written form. I like to think things over before I say how I feel. I’m introverted in that spending time with people drains my energy, but I am not shy. I believe in good people. I think most people are good. I also believe people like to be appreciated for who they are even if they’re not sure who that is yet.

I love writing and I love to read. I can devour a novel in a sitting and I have a deep affection for libraries and bookstores. I adore psychology and neuroscience but I try to avoid quantitative thinking. I live in Portland, Oregon with my boyfriend and our cat. They seem to like me okay.


I started suggestivetongue in 2008. At first my site was an attempt to tackle the problem of abstinence based sexual education. I knew there must be a better way to tackle STDs, abortion, and unintended pregnancies than shaming women. I wanted people to know that there were other options. So, I started sharing the information I had. In offering my advice, I continued to learn. I do not consider myself a sexpert and I think that viewing oneself as an expert of anything is usually a bad idea. I learn as much from my blog as any of my readers to.

I wanted to share the knowledge that I had, and I wanted to help others empower themselves by sharing their stories. Instead of a blog packed with articles, it became something different. Suggestivetongue is a place of discussion and reflection on sex and sexuality, but also love, and life.

There’s a stigma associated to talking about these things honestly. That creates a separation between what people think is real, and what is actually real.

I like sharing new ideas and connecting with people who have similar or diverse perspectives. Because my blog is a journey of thought, older posts may not effectively summarize how I currently think or feel. You’ll notice that what I write about tends to connect to what I’m experiencing or observing in my own life. Because of that, it is inherently flawed. It is just one piece in the puzzle. I’m hoping you’ll join me with the other pieces.

Thanks for being a reader,